The Girl I Left Behind

by Judith Nies

I am seriously surprised how much I like this book.  It took a little while to get into it because Nies was doing some name dropping early on and I didn't want to think to put the names together.  But now, a quarter of the way in, I am hooked.  A really interesting account of Americans, American history, the 60's, womanhood, business, culture, politics, you name it. 


by Chuck Palahniuk

This book is a little crazy, as anyone who has read Palahniuk's stuff might already be prepared for.  I was warned but didn't exactly know what to expect.  I have to say my favorite chapter (which all could be seen as vignettes but also tell a round-about story) was the rape one.  If you read the book you'll know which I am talking about.  All in all, interesting premise with equally interesting characters, albeit few.

...and no, I won't be reading into it that my oldest son got me this book for x-mas.