Cross Country

By James Patterson

Just started. The formula is amazing, always the same, the same type of things going on, how different can each mystery be? But I love the character, Alex Cross. I get hooked on these serials they become like old friends. You meet the family, see their likes and dislikes. Good writing when you can make a strong lasting connection like that.

Will review the book as I go.

It was typical Patterson but with a message. It is about the atrocities in Africa. The story brings you through Nigeria and their issues with illegal oil, diamonds etc and how all the developed nations will do anything to get their hands on it...US England, Holland and China...Of course he throws in the absolute hiedious atrocities against girls and women. When is the world over ever going to value girls and women and empower them? Doesn't anyone realize that there would be nil without them? Or is that the issue?

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