The Most Dangerous Thing

by Laura Lippman

I don't believe I have read anything by this author before and, although not so totally unimpressed that I would make note to not pick up another chance, this novel was an ok idea paired with a soft editor.
Lippman uses a certain phrase technique too often - repeating her character's thoughts in an immediately following sentence of dialog as well as other repeats that assume the reader does not have a proper attention span.  While childish the second time I noticed it, by the third instance I was insulted and annoyed.  The story line could have been hidden much better and still kept the book at a decent length, ie. not running longer, if many inner thoughts were kept at a minimum.  Perhaps more example and less he thinks this, she thinks that?  Not sure if this would have helped in the end anyway because the plot was not complex and the reader doesn't end up with much pull towards any one character.
While this may be fine for a summer read beach book, I wouldn't call it literature or publish it with my name or company's name on it.

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