Sand in my Bra and Other misadventures: funny women write from the road

edited by Jennifer L. Leo

Ugh.  Totally not what I was expecting.  I picked this up because it was a book club recommendation and I was thoroughly unimpressed with these women.  Such victims!  No fun!  No sense of adventure laced with happiness to be out and about!  Just ugh, blugh, grub...  on and on about what didn't happen and what should have...  oh, woe is you.  I had to put it down and try, try again - not believing that this whole book by these "funny" women was this bad.  Ugh.  Awful.

What would have been amazing was if it had been what I thought it was going to be - an account of women on their own in the world on real adventures.  I want to read that book.  Maybe perhaps research and write it.  :)  That makes me happy.

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